Grow Your Own Food
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MOTHER EARTH NEWS is the "Original Guide to Wiser Living." The magazine and website cover organic gardening, DIY projects and plans, renewable energy and energy-efficiency, natural health remedies, and recipes and tips for cooking real, local food. Find all you need to achieve self-sufficiency and live sustainably.
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Homemade Fertilizers for Your House Plants | Pure Nutrients
An easy and organic way to encourage healthy growth and more flowering is to create your own fertilizer for your house plants. By mixing your own fertilizer, you are able to save money and get a great feeling of satisfaction from seeing your plants grow with power.
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HOW TO: Harvest microgreens
For more detailed information like this check out my online course: And my book at: Theme music composed by Curtis Stone and performed by Dylan Ranney. Subscribe to our channel: Join the Urban Farmer Community & Discussion.
Toward a No-cost Garden: Grow Your Own Food for Next to Nothing (Frugal Gardening)
I'm convinced that the cost of growing your own food can get closer and closer to 0 over time. After initial investments in the first few years on things like garden tools, raised beds, and compost bins, costs can trend toward 0, even as soil fertility and yields continue to improve.
Grow Your Own Food [New Earth Living ep. 11]
On this episode of New Earth Living, host Evita Ochel ( talks about how we can get more sustainable and self-sufficient by becoming accountable for some of our food production. She shares a tour of her food garden and tips for growing our food with harmony and balance with nature.
3 gardeners share their design secrets
When Willi Galloway and her husband, Jon, moved into their first house, she didn't dream about redoing it. Instead, the cooking-obsessed Willi fantasized about a veggie garden. "My first memories of gardening are of working beside my mom in the family vegetable plot," says the force behind the blog DigginFood, an ode to growing, cooking, and eating off the land.
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How to Grow All The Food You Need In Your Backyard - Homestead Handbook | Homesteading
By Homesteading Are you ready to take a leaf from the homestead handbook and learn how to grow all the food you need to survive in your own backyard? This 11 Chapter series will walk you through all the backyard gardening details for you to create raised garden beds and grow your own vegetables for survival.
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